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Privacy Policy & Terms of Use

Arden Law Firm, LLC provides legal services through attorneys licensed in Maryland only.  
We cannot offer legal advice or representation for legal needs outside of Maryland.  


Privacy Policy & Terms of Use

This site may be considered lawyer ADVERTISING MATERIAL. Any personal information we collect is only to contact you or serve you with the legal needs you request. Your privacy is important to us. If you become our client, we will maintain CONFIDENTIALITY as provided by the Rules of Professional Conduct.

Contacting us through our site:  Calling, texting, filing out a form or otherwise reaching out to us through this website does not make us your attorney or you our client.  We do not represent everyone who contacts us.  
An attorney-client relationship is only formed with us if we both agree to the representation and an agreement is signed explaining the legal services we will provide. If you request services through this website or otherwise contact us, we may agree to act as your attorney, may decline represenation or we may ask for more information before we decide whether or not we can assist you.

Responding to your contact or declining a matter:  We will not respond at all if your contact appears to be spam. If you do not hear from us and are not a robot or spammer, you are welcome to call us during normal business hours to discuss further.   If we are too busy to effectively handle additional cases at the time you reach out, or if a deed is outside of our typical deeds we handle, we may decline to help. If we decline to assist it may not have anything to do with you or your case and you are always welcome to contact other attorneys of your choosing. This website is for persons with legal interests in the state of Maryland.  We cannot help with properties in other states.  If you need a deed for property in another state, please reach out to an attorney licensed in that state.

Licensed in Maryland only:  Arden Law Firm, LLC provides legal services through attorneys licensed in Maryland.  See our About Us page for information on our Managing Attorney and any staff. 

Using the internet and our site:  By transmitting data over the web or interacting with this website you understand that there is a risk of interception for any data.  If you have sensitive details you may wish to call instead of sending through the internet.  We do not collect any information from minors, do not typically represent minors and ask that only persons over 13 years old use our site - if you are under 13 years old, please have your parents or legal guardian contact us instead.

Privacy:   If you are our client, we consider communications attorney/client privileged.  If you are not our client we will still take measures to protect confidentiality, within the limits of the law.  For example, if you suggest that you will harm someone (including yourself), we may disclose that to appropriate authorities, if you give us information about a matter we are working on we may use that to aid with our legal representation. These are just examples.  Generally speaking, if you give us personal information, we will use it only to respond and/or assist you.  

We won’t sell anything you give us:  We never sell your email, phone numbers or any other personal details you may choose to give us.  We do not use any technology to follow you after you leave our site (though you should be aware that certain search engines and browsers may record your searches and track what you visit even if the sites you visit do not).  

Third party add-ins:  For the most part, when you interact with our site, you are interacting only with us.  However, we do use third party features designed to aid the user experience and help visitors.  For example, we include a google map of our physcial address on our “Contact Us” page - if you interact with the map you may be interacting with google.

Copyright.  - We hope you find information on our site helpful but please don’t try to pirate it.  We may use measures to prevent plagiarism.  

Acknowledgements - Some of our photographs (like the cover photograph of Maryland’s Magothy River) Arden Law staff took ourselves.  We’ve also used photographs others have taken, with permission, and wish to thank them.  For example, Jill Wellington and other photographers who have hosted their photographs on 

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Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

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