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Real Estate Contracts

prepared by Arden Law Firm’s experienced & licensed attorney(s).  Our lawyers are licensed in Maryland only. 


Real Estate Contracts by Arden Law

Arden Law Firm, LLC assists with preparing and/or reviewing real estate Contracts of Sale for property located in Maryland:

  • Single Family Homes, Townhomes and Condos (For sale by Owner or “FSBO”)
  • Lots / Raw Land
  • Commercial Properties (limited areas)

Did you know?

Licensed real estate brokers have access to form contracts for real estate prepared by  attorneys working for the local real estate association (for example, MAR forms for members of the Maryland Association of Realtors).   Under association rules, using these attorney prepared contract forms generally require a dues paying member of the association to be a part of the transaction.  Parties working without agents  (for example, for sale by owner or family sales) often benefit from engaging their own attorney to prepare a legally binding sales contract with necessary dislosures and addendum.     

A:  Under Maryland law, contracts for the sale of real property (house or land) must be in writing and signed.  Oral contracts to buy or sell real estate are not valid.  Of course, putting the terms in writing is just the start.  Maryland has many different legal requirements for contracts and required terms that vary with the age of the house, who is selling, where the land is located, etc. 

A:  Generally, it is up to the parties to decide how to allocate transfer and recordation taxes. Seller could pay all, Buyer could pay all, or the parties could split.  The default mode is to split 50/50 but parties may negotiate any other term, and this is often adjusted in an extreme buyer or seller market, for example.  The only time Maryland law mandates a particular allocation is in the context of a first time home buyer - in that case, 1 of the 3 transfer / recordation taxes is reduced in half and the Seller must pay that half.  Transfer and recordation taxes can be signi
 - usually several thousand.  When Arden Law prepares a real estate contract we’ll be happy to give a quick estimate of the likely transfer and recordation taxes. 

A:  While the parties can allocate settlement or closing costs as they agree, in most cases the buyer pays the settlement fee in Maryland and the seller pays only the cost of deed preparation and clearing any seller liens. Who pays settlement fees should be clearly spelled out in your contract. 

A:  There are three (3) different taxes that apply to most sales or deed transfers in this state - 1) a state transfer tax, 2) a county transfer tax and 3) a recordation tax.  The state transfer tax is 1/2 of 1% while the other taxes vary by county.   But other taxes may apply — for example, there may be capital gains tax.  If the seller is not a Maryland resident, they may need to remit a portion of the sales price (8% or more) at the time of the sale (withholding tax).  

A:  A sales contract is a legally binding document and unless there are built-in contingencies, you may not be able to “back out” of the deal.  You are strongly encouraged to review contracts with your attorney BEFORE signing.  A contract may give the other party the right to seek “specific performance” or basically force the deal.  In some cases, parties can negotiate termination of a contract, often in exchange for some sum of money.   If there are contingencies (say financing contingency or an inspection contingency) the buyer may be able to terminate the contract with appropriate notice.   However, note that standard MAR contracts may not automatically release the deposit and instead may require both parties to agree to return a deposit.  

Maryland Residential
Real Estate Contracts 

(Contracts of Sale)

Our attorney prepared  standard sales contract for an existing single family home  includes all of the following

  • consultation with managing real estate attorney

  • Retrieving most recent deed from Land Records

  • Attorney-Prepared Contract of Sale

    Mandatory State County-Specific Addendum

    Relevant Addendum based on situation (e.g., HOA, 1st Time Homebuyer, Lead Paint, etc.)

Maryland Sales Contracts prepared for the following counties:

Anne Arundel Co.

Baltimore City

Baltimore County

Calvert County

Harford County

Howard County

Prince George's

Montgomery County

Looking for a real estate contract to buy or sell your home or investment property?   
Arden Law can prepare a Maryland contract of sale tailored to your specific transaction to comply with all state, county and local legal requirements for a reasonable flat fee.  If you choose to sell by owner, you don’t need to risk cobbling together a form contract from unknown sources that might not protect you. Our pricing includes all necessary affidavits, disclosures and addendum.  

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Why Choose Arden Law to prepare your Maryland Sales Contract?

  • Every contract includes a consultation with an experienced Maryland real estate attorney. 

    Tailored to comply with each county’s local requirements. 

  • Peace of mind for clients selling property without agents (FSBO) that their contract covers mandatory terms and required legal disclosures.

  • Up to 1 customized Addendum where requested free of charge

  • 1 additional client requested revision free of charge

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$500 - Standard MD Lot Contract
(for sale of single unimproved lot)

Our stand-alone standard sales contract for the sale of a single unimproved residential lot (without subdivision or other development contingencies)

$550 - Rent to Own Option Contract

For residential tenancies (single family home) as an add-on to a lease agreement.  

Legal Document Review 

Have an experienced attorney review your Settlement papers 

  • Review of Settlement Sheet & Deed

  • Review of Contract / Purchase Agreement

  • Review of Loan Documents

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Full Sale/Purchase Representation 

For parties selling without agents, our experienced real estate attorney can offer guidance for the full sales transaction, from offer negotiations, contract drafting and dealing with the varied players (title company, appraisers, inspectors) through sitting down at the settlement table. 

  • Review or drafting of Contract

  • Term Negotiation

  • Estimating Transfer / Recordation Taxes

  • Coordinating appraisals, inspections and walk-throughs

  • Review of Lender’s Good Faith Estimate

  • Pre-Settlement review of Loan Documents, Deed, Settlement Sheet (and any associated revisions)

  • Representation at Settlement

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Maryland Real Estate Contracts

We offer custom Maryland real estate contracts and forms designed to meet all necessary legal requirements.  Our contracts are tailored to comply with each local county’s requirements.  Contracts include a one-on-one conversation with our managing attorney.

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