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Find links to local land records offices, county courthouses and Maryland court forms.  

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This page offers helpful legal information, links and resources to Maryland statutes (law), Maryland Judicary / Circuit Courts, Maryland Land Records and other government offices for those looking to research on their own.

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Land Records Offices

Land Records for each county are located in the Circuit Court for that County.  Following are links to government Land Records offices for specific Maryland counties:

  • Property Search Links

    The Department of Assessments and Taxation (SDAT) maintains a database of the tax rolls for all real property in Maryland.  Deeds, mortgages and other land records are recorded in the Circuit Court for each county. 

    SDAT Real Property Search

  • Search Maryland Land Records

  • Tax

How to Do a Title Search In Maryland

Generally, it takes special training to know how to do a full title search in Maryland.  The following offers a VERY BROAD overview of the basic steps.  

Note that experienced title searchers may take many hours to do a comprehensive title search for a single parcel - it may take days for someone just getting started. Maryland does not index records by property address so a search goes painstakingly through each name in the title chain. Some titles are relatively simple touching on a few dozen entries in land records while others are incredibly complex requiring a look at hundreds of filed inistruments. 

  • Step 1 - Research current deed(s), tax account(s), legal description and plat.  Note type of title (e.g., fee simple / leasehold) and if leasehold plan to track both ground rent and fee simple. Compare plat, deed and tax account for consistency in description. 

  • Step 2 - Take the information from Step 1 and go back deed by deed through the Grantor/Grantee index starting with the current owners and working backwards until you’ve located all deeds in the past 60+ years for the property and listed all names in the title history. Check each for consistency and look for any anomolies or gaps.  

  • Step 3 -   Run searches “going forward" for each name found in Step 2 in the Grantor/Grantee index, identify all deeds, mortgages, easements and other documents connected with each person from the date they acquired interest and compare to the property.   

    Step 4 - Identify for the documents found in Step 3 which mortgages, easements, agreements and liens are outstanding and which have been satisifed and released.  Record the details  of any open mortgage or lien.

    Step 5 - Search the district and Circuit Court dockets and judgment indexes for all court cases, judgments and liens for each name in the title history.  Record the case number, date, amount, etc. for any judgments and/or liens that may have attached to the property. Also identify any pending cases.

    Step 6 - Search the probate court records for names in the title history.  Record all estates and deaths of persons in title, and retrieve the estate dockets for all such estates.

    Step 7 - Create a title report showing the title chain, any liens/encumbrances and other matters affecting the property with references to liber/folios and copies of relevant records.  Confirm legal description and note any issues / discrepancies. 

Maryland Legal Forms

These forms are provided as a reference guide and resource. They are NOT intended as legal advice.  Call Arden Law or reach out through our site if you would like to ask for our legal assistance. 

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