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Maryland Commercial Lease Review

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Commercial Lease Review

In contrast to residential leases, Maryland law generally lets commercial landlords and tenants negotiate.  There are not a lot of safeguards as with residential leases. For example, protections related to lease termination, security deposits and the like generally do NOT apply to business leases! 

While a commercial lease may in theory be short and to the point in practice commercial leases can get bogged down in legalease and dozens to hundreds of pages of fine print! Leases can be "gross" "net" "triple net" or “NNN" "modified gross" or anything in between!  And CAM charges can be for more than one might expect for “common area maintenance” 

If you are a Tenant comparing office or retail space, it may help to get a legal review before signing.   

If you are a Landlord offering a single space or two, you might not have a standard “boilerplate” lease.  Or worse, you might be cobbling together a lease from a variety of forms that actually contradict each other (yes, we’ve seen this!) 

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