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Administering Estates in Maryland

by Arden Law Firm’s experienced & licensed attorney(s).  Our lawyers are licensed in Maryland only. 


Estate Administration & Probate Help

Looking for planning assistance instead? See our wills/trusts page.

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Types of Maryland Estates

The following types of estates are applicable in Maryland:

  • Will of No Estate (when the Deceased left all property outside of probate)

  • Small Estate (when the total value of all probate assets is less than $50,000)

  • Regular Estate

  • Modified Administration (when the Personal Representative and heirs all agree to a streamlined process)

  • Ancillary Proceedings (when an estate is opened somewhere other than Maryland and only limited work is needed in this state)

Talk with an Arden Law attorney if you’d like assistance with a Maryland estate.  

DIY legal assistance options

We offer DIY help / consultations for Personal Representatives wishing to handle the estate on their own with a bit of legal guidance but without an attorney entering a full appearance.

Estate Assistance:

  • Small Estate (less than $50k)

  • Regular Estate ($50-$500k)

  • Large Estate (over $500k)


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