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Our founding attorney Cedulie Laumann has been practicing law since 2003.  She graduated from University of Maryland School in the top 10% of her graduating class and was admitted in 2003 to practice law in the state of Maryland.   Attorney Laumann has a background in complex civil litigation and represented clients in a variety of litigation and transactional matters in her 19+ years of practice.  Outside of the office you may find her kayaking the Severn in warm months. 

Practice highlights include helping plaintiff homeowners win a 4 day jury trial against a corporation and municipality, securing summary judgment for defendants in defamation and breach of contract cases, as well as assisting many individuals, charitable organizations and small business owners in business, real estate and estate matters.  Ms. Laumann served as an adjunct faculty member for over 5 years teaching graduate level classes in research, writing and ethics at SJU.  She underwent training as a mediator and considers it a privilege to have been asked to mentor new admittees to the Maryland bar.  “It has been such a delight to see new attorneys start their legal careers and a real privilege to be available as a sounding board and confidant outside of their place of employment." 

According to Cedulie, it is not just the legal training and “wins” that make an attorney a good legal advocate. “We all have a story and we are not put here on earth to make much of ourselves.  I’ve been blessed in many ways and hope by God’s grace to use whatever talents I’m given to serve others well.  I’m still learning, though!” 

Ms. Laumann enjoys breaking down complex legal matters into understandable terms, offering clear solutions to legal needs and helping clients, new attorneys and students navigate the sometimes daunting legal process. 

Selecting an attorney is a matter of finding someone whose experience, values,  availability, approach, philosophy and cost are all suited to a particular client’s situation and need.  

Although cost is not the sole factor in finding a good attorney match it can be an important component.  We believe excellent representation can be affordable.  The overwhelming majority of cases we handle qualify for our flat fees.  Circumstances can affect how these fees apply - sometimes a situation is more complex than qualifies or other legal work is needed. 

An attorney-clent relationship is not formed unless we talk and BOTH of us agree.   Sometimes even if everything else seems to line up our firm will not be able to represent, for example, if in our attorney’s determination our current case volume or staffing does not give us sufficient resources to allocate to your matter.

Our website is designed to be helpful, whether or not you engage us.  It is not a promise to represent.
 If you have any questions please give us a call or fill out a contact form.  


Free Legal Answers

Legal questions an Arden Law attorney answered members of the public on the third party web site Justia through early 2023.  We don’t post the hundreds to thousands more we’ve answered privately by phone, text and email!


Years Old

The building we work out of, not us!  We have very casual digs out of a bungalow construed around 1920.  Old buildings tend to have both quirks and character - we think we can relate.


Years of Legal Experience

While not as old as our building we’ve been around long enough to have a solid grasp on real estate, business and estate matters.



We don’t do this for follows or “likes", and don’t typically request them but some Arden Law staff have moms who follow us anyway!  


Cups of Tea & Coffee

That’s a wholly made up number - we have no idea how many cups of tea or coffee we’ve consumed.  But stop by and we’d be happy to offer you a complimentary cup of your favorite hot beverage!  


We’re happy to provide up-front, transparent pricing of our standard legal fees in Maryland.  Questions?  Please give us a call. 

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