Unpaid Wages     Security Deposits   

Q:  My employer is three weeks late with my paycheck… what should I do? 

A:   An employee has options to either lodge a complaint with governmental officials or pusue rights in court.  If a private lawsuit is filed, the employee can get back up to 3x the amount of improperly withheld wages.

Maryland law requires that all employers pay their employees regularly.  Most employers pay employees as required, but every once in a while an employer tries to save money by delaying payroll.  If your paycheck is late (or missing), the law offers a remedy.  

Note that in some dire cases (if the employer has since closed its doors and shut down operations without any assets remaining) filing a lawsuit might not net any funds.  

Q:   My landlord didn't give back my security deposit -- what should I do? 

A:   Maryland law allows a Landlord to keep the security deposit to cover unpaid rent or damage to the property, so long as they give notice within 45 days after the lease ends.   If the Landlord gives an itemized list and had to spend money to fix up any damage, they may be acting within their rights.  However, if there was no damage to the property and rent was fully paid, the law authorizes a lawsuit and penalty of up to 3x the deposit wrongfully withheld.   

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