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Legal services are offered in Maryland only.  Arden Law Firm, LLC is a limited liability company organized under the laws of Maryland.  Managing Attorney Cedulie Laumann, licensed to practice law in the State of Maryland.  THIS WEBSITE MAY BE ADVERTISING MATERIAL. Nothing in the website is a promise to represent.  Examples and client testimonials cannot guarantee or predict what will happen in your case.  If the firm notes a practice concentration it does not mean this is a "speciality."  Maryland lawyers at the time of writing cannot have specialities.  If you use this site or interact with the firm through it, you must agree to the posted Terms of Use. 

Arden Law Firm, LLC respects clients confidentiality!  Everything you say privately to your attorney will be ordinarily be protected by the attorney/client privilege.  If you are not a client, see below for how we protect confidentiality. The firm takes steps to ensure that information is kept secure but does not promise to employ advanced encryption technology.  There is a risk of interception for any web, electronic or phone conversation.  If you send an e-mail, call or click a form through this site you understand and accept that risk.  

The firm makes a reasonable effort to respond to all legitimate inquiries from potential clients.  Thank you for your interest!  Most inquries will be reviewed by a licensed attorney or staff member within 2 business days.  However, not every email will be reviewed.  Email or form submissions that appear to be spam or otherwise questionable may be ignored, blocked or discarded.  Most people with a real legal need sound legit, but if you happen to be a real person that sounds like a spammer/scammer, your email might be ignored.  Abusive email (such as hacking attempts) may be investigated and reported to appropriate authorities.  You must be over eighteen (18) years old to use this site.    

If you choose to contact the firm, you do not automatically become a client!  The firm does not agree to represent everyone who calls or clicks!  The firm would appreciate the chance to discuss your needs further but will not undertake any legal representation unless and until we meet and both agree in writing.  You alone remain fully responsible for your case and all deadlines unless and until we've entered into a binding representation agreement.  

Even if you don't become a client we will keep all information private and confidential unless one of the scenarios apply:  1) we already represent someone in the opposite side of litigation  2) you suggest that you will commit a future crime or do some future harm to another person 3) you raise a dispute with the firm for which the law allows disclosure.  

Attorney fees or third party fees (filing fees, etc.)  may change from time to time -- Arden Law Firm may post representative rates or flat-fee rates on this site that later change.  The firm believes in keeping rates transparent and will put exact fee arrangements in writing before work starts so there are no surprises.  


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