Start a New Business

Looking to start, buy or sell a business in Maryland?  The firm offers LLC formations (limited liability companies), incorporation, corporate and other entity Maryland business registration, help with business start-up, non-profit tax exempt 501c(3) applications, not for profit organization, operating agreements, bylaws, articles of incorporation, articles of organization and more!  Check out the firm's small business formation package. 

Custom advice, Attorney Prepared Articles, Operating Agreement / Bylaws and More for a flat fee. 


  1. Draft a business plan.
  2. Determine funding source (savings, friends / family, bank business loans, investors, personal loans) 
  3. Determine best entity type based on your proposed structure, owner's goals and funding  (business options in MD include sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability limited partnerships, corporations (Close Corporations, Professional Service Corporations, C Corporations, Subchapter S Corporations), Limited Liability Company or LLC.)
  4. Research & obtain industry specific license requirements
  5. Research / Select Trade name 
  6. Form entity / File Articles with the SDAT
  7. Create governing documents (by-laws, operating agreement)
  8. Set up tax accounts (including obtaining federal EIN, state sales/use tax accounts)
  9. Get other licenses (trader's license, etc.)
  10. Make appropriate filings / registrations
  11. Hold organizational meeting(s)
  12. Create and maintain Corporate / Company Record Book
  13. Open business bank accounts
  14. Negotiate Commercial Lease (if applicable)
  15. Prepare customer contracts (if appropriate)
  16. Get insurance
  17. Advertise & Open the Doors! 

Arden Law Firm, LLC offers a comprehensive start-up package for one flat fee that includes many of these key steps. 

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