Residential Leases

Maryland law spells out a number of key provisions that need to be included in a residential lease.  While rent amount is usually whatever the parties agree on, many other terms cannot be negotiated - for instance, the law limits a security deposit to no more than 2 times the rent.  Arden Law Firm offerings flat-fee lease review for Anne Arundel, Montgomery and some surrounding counties. 


  •     residential lease review - $150
  •     residential lease drafting (for Landlord) - $350 (boilerplate lease, single property, LL responsible to check for legal updates at any lease renewal/new tenant), $200 in Montgomery County

Commercial Leases

In contrast to residential leases, Maryland law generally lets commercial landlords and tenants negotiate.  While a commercial lease may in theory be short and to the point in practice commercial leases can get bogged down in legalease and dozens of pages of fine print!  Leases can be "gross" "net" "triple net" or "NNN"
"modified gross" or anything in between!   

  •     commercial lease review - $300+ (depending on length)
  •     commercial lease drafting - generally based on % of single month rent  

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