Deed Costs in Maryland

Need a Maryland Deed?  You've come to the right place!   Arden Law Firm, LLC can prepare deeds for most Maryland counties (including Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Harford, Howard, Prince George's and Montgomery) in as little as 1-4 business days and coordinate the recording for a flat fee. 

Most deeds our firm prepares for flat $240. in attorney fees.  Our fee includes:

- retrieving existing deed (within past 40 years)

- attorney prepared deed

- associated affidavits (family relationship, consideration)

- land intake sheet

- witnessing/notarizing at the law firm (during normal business hours)

- coordinating recording at the various governmental offices (most deeds must go to 2-3 separate governmental offices in each county before being accepted for recording)

Governmental recording fees / third party fees as follows:

- $60 government recording fee in every county (as of 1/1/17)

- $40 - $60 "municipal lien release" required in some counties or cities (Annapolis City (within city limits), Howard, Harford, Baltimore County, Baltimore City) - the firm charges $15 to obtain this from the applicable county / city 

- $40 charge for any counties requiring multiple trips to different government offices on separate days (currently Prince George's Co).

- transfer and recordation taxes may apply and are based on the consideration (which can be either the amount of money changing hands or the amount of any existing mortgage, depending on the situation)

- Out of state?  No problem!  We can send a deed tracked / insured to your current location for witnessing / notarization out-of-state where necessary.  Generally we can send next-day Priority (or 2-day, depending on location) for $7.50 or less each way.  

Just looking to get a COPY of an existing Deed?

We offer free copies to owners for any deed prepared by this firm.  If you're looking to get a copy of an existing deed in Land Records, you can either get this directly from county Land Records or we can access most deeds filed in the last 40 years and send you a copy same-day for a nominal fee.  Just call 410-216-7000.  

Want to understand a little more about the types of deeds?  For instance, what is the difference between a Quit Claim, Warranty or Special Warranty Deed? Feel free to browse for general legal information on deeds in Maryland, answers to FAQ about deeds or call 410-216-7000 for a no cost initial phone call of up to 10 minutes on any Maryland real estate matter. 

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