History / About the Firm

What is the firm's history?  Who is the managing attorney? 

The firm, and its predecessor Office of Attorney Cedulie Laumann, offer over 12 years of experience assisting individuals and small businesses in the core areas of business, real estate, estates and trusts.   

Managing Attorney Cedulie Laumann was admitted to the bar of Maryland in 2003.  She graduated from the University of Maryland School of Law near the top of her class.  After briefly practicing in Annapolis she set up shop in Crownsville, Maryland.  A little over a decade later, she is the managing attorney of Arden Law Firm, LLC, a small firm in an unassuming bungalow about 10 minutes outside of Annapolis.  

 Ms. Laumann says the firm's philosophy is "to provide high quality representation at affordable prices while keeping clients and their needs at the forefront."  That means a lawyer returning client phone calls and emails, keeping clients in the loop as their case progresses and taking the time to explain each facet of a case.  It also means paying attention to detail and suggesting innovative ways to solve problems, even if it means the firm makes less money on a case!  

The firm intentionally focuses on three main practice areas: BusinessReal Estate and Estate Law. It handles both transactions and litigation in those areas. If clients need assistance in other areas (like divorce, traffic or bankruptcy) the firm refers elsewhere.  

Substance, Not Fluff

The firm is happy to serve you complimentary tea or coffee and offers free notary services but otherwise keeps frills to a minimum.  The firm doesn't spend money on flashy digs.  Instead, Arden Law strives to provide top-notch representation at competitive rates by focusing on the substance rather than fluff and feels the savings can be passed on to clients.  The firm is housed in a small commercial office in a comfortable neighborhood of mixed commercial and residential near the water-privileged community of Arden on the Severn.  Most of the firm's clients come from Anne Arundel, Prince George's, Montgomery, Harford and Howard counties but the firm can provide assistance throughout the state of Maryland. 

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