Employment Law / Wage & Hour

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Employment Law

In Maryland, most employees are "at-will."  This means that the employer can terminate ("fire") the employee at any time and the employee can leave or quit at any time without penalty.   An employer can fire a at will employee for most any reason (even for reasons that don't seem fair or aren't based on any wrong the employee did) so long as the employer didn't violate any law.  

Sometimes, employees are Contract Employees.  This means the employee is operating under an employment contract.  Generally a contract employee cannot leave without penalty and the employer cannot fire without penalty.  

Employment Contracts 

Arden Law Firm can assist with reviewing or negotiating employment contracts, generally for a flat fee.  

Flat Fee

Non-Disclosure / Non-Competition Agreements

Arden Law Firm can assist with reviewing or negotiating Non-Competes (non competition agreements), Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) and the like.  

Wage/Hour (Unpaid Wages) Litigation

Both federal and state law require that employers pay their employees.   Many employees (but not all) fall under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requirements for overtime.   All Maryland employees must be paid.

Attorney Laumann has represented employees in unpaid wages cases in Maryland.  The majority of employers pay their employees in accordance with the law.  However, for the few that miss paychecks or issue delayed paychecks, the law offers a remedy. An employee may be able to collect up to three times the wrongfully withheld wages, plus attorney fees.  

To discuss a wage/hour violation, please call the firm at 410-216-7000.  

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