Civil Litigation

Arden Law Firm, LLC represents clients in a variety of civil matters, both simple and complex.  Most of these involve either Real Estate or Business or defense of Statutory Rights. 

Not every case should be rushed to court!  A wise person once noted "lawsuits grow up like poisonous weeds in a field…"  Not a very pretty picture!  Before filing or defending a lawsuit, it makes sense to step back and see the big picture.  Ask yourself or your business: What are we trying to accomplish?  What is the goal?  Will going to court get us there in better shape than the alternatives?  Litigation costs time, money and effort and in many cases increases hostility.  Lawyers make money when you sue and the American system offers easy access to the courts but Arden Law Firm urges careful thought before committing to litigation.   

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That being said, without the weight of law, some will not voluntarily "do the right thing" and some losses will not be financially compensated without a trial and resulting judgment.  The Court should be there to help!  Sometimes clients find themselves on the receiving end of a lawsuit even when they are in the legal right.  Through experienced legal counsel, Arden Law Firm, LLC is pleased to report successful defense and prosecution of a variety of civil matters, from computer hacking allegations to unpaid wage cases to property damage and contract disputes. The firm employs legal tools like asset seizure and motions to compel in appropriate cases. Every case is unique so past results do not in any way guarantee how your case will turn out. 

If you seek an aggressive "bull dog" who will fight no matter whether in the right or wrong, please look elsewhere! Arden Law Firm, LLC will only take a case when the managing attorney feels there is a good faith, reasonable basis for a client's claim or defense.  When the firm commits to a case, it commits to zealous advocacy and the pursuit of truth and justice.   If you are looking for competant, solid representation for legitimate cases you are welcome to give the firm a call!  

Do I have a case? 

An attorney cannot realistically tell whether you have a "good" case or viable claim without talking with you, looking at the relevant documents and ascertaining the law that applies to your claim.  

Maryland law imposes deadlines / statutes of limitation for filing a case, so sometimes even if you have a viable claim you might not be able to pursue it if you wait too long. Most cases must be filed within three years, but some times of claims require that notice be filed in a much shorter time frame. In a few rare instances the law allows a longer time frame. 


Arden Law Firm offers a no-cost initial phone consult of up to 10 minutes by calling (410)216-7000 (Phones answered 8:30AM - 6PM Monday - Friday; Mon - Fri 10am-1pm is the preferred time to reach an attorney for a phone consult) CALLING THE FIRM DOES NOT GUARANTEE REPRESENTATION OR MAKE YOU A CLIENT.

While we understand that even small matters can be important to the people involved, the firm generally will not take any "small claims" case.  Any suit under $5,000 is filed in District Court which has a relaxed procedure for small claims. This makes it easier for people to represent themselves when a small amount is in controversy. Because each side must usually pay their own attorney fees even if they win, it may not make financial sense to hire an attorney for minor matters.  The firm will consider unpaid wage cases where the total amount owed is less than $5,000.  

 (Note: the firm does not handle divorce or criminal cases.  Potential clients needing representation in divorce or criminal matters may wish to call a local Lawyer Referral Service, such as the Lawyer Referral Service for Anne Arundel County at 410-280-6961).

Terminology in Maryland Court Cases

Arden Law Firm's  Legal Dictionary of Law Related Terms.  

  • ADR - "Alternate Dispute Resolution" -- the process where parties to a civil lawsuit seek resolution outside of court through mediation or arbitration.  
  • Answer -- The defendant's response to the plaintiff's complaint. 
  • Complaint -- The plaintiff's first pleading that starts a case and outlines the core factual and legal allegations.
  • Counter-Claim --- A defendant's claims filed against the person(s) who originally sued.
  • Cross-Claim ---  A defendant's claims filed against other defendant(s).  
  • Default -- This occurs if the defendant doesn't answer the plaintiff's Complaint in the time allotted.   
  • Deposition - An out-of-court question and answer session under oath.  
  • Demand Letter - A written request by a plaintiff seeking money or other relief outside of court.
  • Discovery -- The formal process of gathering information from the other side in a court case.
  • Interrogatories -- Written questions that must be answered under oath.  
  • Mediation --- A process where parties discuss claims in front of a neutral third party mediator in an attempt to resolve the conflict outside of court.  Mediators are often licensed attorneys.  
  • Merit Trial -- A trial (particularly in District Court) that will involve deciding the case on the evidence (rather than on a procedural issue).  
  • Motion -- A request to the Court, usually in writing.  
  • Motion for Summary Judgment - A request that the Court dispose of some or all of the case based on how the law applies to undisputed facts.  
  • Request for Production of Documents -- A formal request for another party to turn over documents or make them available for inspection and copying.  
  • Scheduling Order -- The court's list of required timelines in a particular case.
  • Subpoena - A court order requiring someone to give testimony or produce documents.  
  • Summons - A court order "summoning" a person to court / requiring that they Answer a lawsuit filed against them.
  • Transcript- The official record of a hearing, deposition or other testimony under oath. 

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