Attorney Fees

Understanding attorney fees BEFORE you get the bill.  

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In Maryland, legal fees are set by each law firm - they are not generally set by law.

What will legal fees cost? While fees naturally vary with a case's complexity, the work involved and the attorney's experience, most clients want to understand what fees will be before representation begins!

Arden Law Firm, LLC offers a no cost quick 10 minute phone call and after that, flat fee initial attorney consultations.  Even if we spend over an hour talking, the consult fee is the same. (No fee is charged for initial consultations on personal injury matters and the consult fee is fully credited to the account for clients who engage the firm within 30 days for business formation or estate planning over $500). 

Because the firm understands the need to budget, flat fees are offered on many different kinds of legal work.  We also offer traditional hourly billing.

Small Business Formation Package

Flat Fee Schedule for Business Matters - 2017


Initial Phone / Email Consult (up to 10 min):        FREE

     additional 1/2 hour on phone - $50

Attorney Consultation (up to 1.5 hours):              $180

Attorney Consultation with document review:       $200

Document Review (flat fee):                                 $200+


Flat Fee Document / Contract Drafting:              $250+

Deed Preparation with Recording                        $240 (most deeds)

Private Mortgages                                              $525

Real Estate Contracts (MD only!)                        $500

Powers of Attorney                                              $80


Business Formation - 1 owner                             $750

Business Formation - 2-3 owners                         $850

Real Estate Contract Review                                $200+

Commercial Lease Review                        (based on # of pages)


Revocable Trust Package     (individual)               $850

Revocable Trust Package  (husband & wife)         $1350

Wills (stand-alone "standard")                             $250

Codicils (Amendments to Existing Will)                $160+

Our fees do not include any government filing fees or taxes (where applicable). 

Ask about Flat Fee by Phases Litigation - a newer model that allows clients to budget and understand in advance the cost of each phase of litigation, even where contingency fees are not appropriate.  

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